Pharmacoepidemiology is the study of the use, safety and efficacy of drugs once they have been marketed and entered common usage amongst the population.


The Norwegian Society for Pharmacodepidemiolgy (DURG Norway) is a multidisciplinary network of professionals involved in the field of pharmacoepidemiology. The objective of the society is in the broadest sense to contribute to optimising drug use in Norway by means of supporting high quality research within this field. The society was founded in 1998 and collaborates with EURO DURG (European Drug Utilization Research Group). EURO DURG is an independent group of professionals from different fields sharing a common interest in pharmacoepidemiology.


At the annual meeting, members and invited speakers present their ongoing research in the field of pharmacoepidemiology. Newsletters are distributed once or twice a year providing research news, national and international meeting calendars and other issues of interest Furthermore, the society contributes to the annual conference of The Norwegian Epidemiological Association (NOFE) and to the Norwegian Journal of Epidemiology as guest editor of a special issue on pharmacoepidemiology.


Persons sharing an interest in pharmacoepidemiology, including clinical pharmacology, epidemiology, health economics and drug surveillance are welcomed as members (see «Innmelding»).