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A special issue focusing on pharmacoepidemiology is currently being compiled for publication this spring. Invitations to submit a paper for this issue have gone out to NOFE members as well as to Norwegian research environments within the field. Several manuscripts are being prepared, but there is still opportunity to have your paper assessed for publication. Feel free to contact the editors if you have questions regarding whether your manuscript would be within scope.

We have updated our deadlines for submission and would like an abstract by 31. January, and the full manuscript by 1. March.

Special issue editors:

Randi Selmer, randi.selmer@fhi.no                                                        

Ingeborg Buajordet, ingebjorg.buajordet@legemiddelverket.no

Marit Waaseth, marit.waaseth@uit.no                                                        

Helle Wallach Kildemoe, h.w.kildemoes@farmasi.uio.no

Norsk Epidemiologi is a level-1 journal which is indexed in Embase/Scopus and SweMed+ (http://micr.kib.ki.se). The journal is open access (http://www.ntnu.no/ojs/index.php/norepid) via Directory of Open Access Journals og it is licensed under a Creative Commons lisense. The journal is sent to all members of NOFE. All submitted articles will undergo peer-review.

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